Your first home is the biggest investment of your life, and we’re passionate about educating you. We’ll make you a financing and housing market expert so buying a home and planning your life is a snap. And we’ve got loan products for every need, including:

  • 3% Down Conventional Loans
  • 3.5% Down FHA Loan
  • 0% Down VA Loan
  • 0% Down USDA Loan
  • 1st and 2nd Mortgage Combination
  • Various Mortgage Insurance Options
  • 5% Down Jumbo Financing
  • Family Gift Fund Programs


  • Ready to upgrade, downsize, or relocate?
  • Searching for a vacation rental you can also use occasionally?
  • Or do you need a second home dedicated to just your family?
  • Need a tax deferred exchange of investment properties?
  • Want to buy again after a short sale or foreclosure?

Then it’s time for a consultation with Quick Lending loan advisor to lay out your plan. No matter how complex your property, taxation, or family planning objectives are, we’ll take you through it with personalized service, a custom plan, and precise execution every step of the way.


Refinancing is all about discovering new opportunities to achieve your goals faster. Consider your options:

  • Access equity for remodel, debt payoffs, education, or investments
  • Switch to a shorter term to pay off your loan faster
  • Use home equity to get rid of your mortgage insurance
  • Moving within 4-7 years? An interest only loan can minimize payments


Whether you’re a first time buyer, an existing homeowner, or a seasoned investor, Quick Lending’s extensive mortgage product set is designed to offer you more choices:

  • Jumbo Loan with a 5% down payment and no mortgage insurance
  • Flexible requirements for previous financial hardships
  • Reduced income documentation for self-employed
  • Low credit scores for government loans
  • Expansive investment opportunities
  • Fixed-rate second mortgages
  • No income, no taxes – Use assets to qualify